Frequently Asked Questions

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The nets have been weight tested at over 20 pounds. So, the net can handle any size fish that will actually fit into the net.

The net has a patent-pending design with a spring loaded actuator and locking mechanism. To operate the unit, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the net is in the loaded position (net in line with main shaft).
  2. Catch fish and reel up to hole
  3. Insert net, weight first, into the hole
  4. Lower the net completely below fish
  5. When the red line on the ruler is below the fish, squeeze the handle to actuate
  6. Allow the net to snap up at 90 degrees and lock into place
  7. Slowly pull net up out of hole allowing the fish to fill into the net
  8. Remove fish from net
  9. Reset net by squeezing handle and simultaneously rotating net 90 degrees to the locked position
  10. Set aside until the next fish is caught

The nets are sized to accommodate the associated auger size. For example, a 7.5” net works for all 7.5” augers and larger. See the various net dimensions and compatibility charts in the products section.

The nets are virtually maintenance free but it is important to allow the net to hang dry prior to storage. The nets can be hand washed with warm water and a mild detergent. Store in a dry place.

After use, the net can freeze as there will be residual water on the net. If fishing outside, lay the net flat in the loaded position with the net in line with the main shaft. This way, the net will be in the proper orientation for use. Once the net enters the water, it will regain its flexibility.

When extra/replacement nets are ordered, they come with an Allen head screw, Allen wrench and thread lock. To change out the net, follow these steps:

  1. Using the Allen wrench, remove the existing screw that secures the net to the actuating wheel. 
  2. Remove screw for the net hoop
  3.  Apply thread lock to the new screw
  4. Place the new screw through the net hoop
  5. Using the Allen wrench, tighten the screw into the actuating wheel. While tightening, gently wiggle to net hoop back and forth to verify the net hoop is properly seated on to the wheel. Tighten snuggly.

The best way to verify this is to see what auger size you have. For example, an 8” net will work with an 8” auger (or larger) but will not work for a 7.5” auger. See net dimensions and compatibility charts in the product section. Keep in mind, some resorts have switched to using 7.5” augers.

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